Mykonos hotel near the beach

Concierge Services

What we offer our clients on demand:

Transfer Service

From the moment you make a booking, we can arrange your pickup or your drop off with a luxurious SUV which will drive you directly to your destination. We provide transfer service for every point of your interest in Mykonos.


Car, Scooter, Quad, Wrangler Rentals

Your vehicle can be delivered to you immediately upon landing or at your hotel/premises of choice.


Yacht Chartering

Our client services can arrange your private or semiprivate cruise to the nearby islands and daily or weekly yacht chartering requests seamlessly. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we will consult on what the best options are depending on availability.


Helicopter Connection

Our clients which wish to be transported via Helicopter to other locations can request this to our client services. You can seamlessly connect via Helicopter which will take you to your destination.


Massage Options

We work with the best beauty and fitness professionals in Mykonos, so that you can enjoy massage treatments or personal training sessions during your stay.



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