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About Mykonos…

About Mykonos…

According to the mythology, Hercules, in one in every of his twelve tasks, killed the Giants and threw them into the ocean wherever they petrified and become vast rocks, forming the island of Mykonos.

Although one in every of the littlest islands of the Cyclades advanced, Mykonos is certainly the foremost illustrious, because of its treasure of natural beauty, wealthy history, cosmopolitan character combined with a wild nightlife, yet as many native color. A dry, arid island, it’s covering a part of barely ninety sq. kilometers and it’s settled within the middle of the Aegean, concerning ninety four transport miles from Piraeus port.

The island’s landscape may be a symphony of blazing vacant rock, glary white peasant design and, in distinction to its tiny size, various lacy stretches of the foremost lovely sandy beaches, of these accentuated by the tremendous Mediterranean light-weight and set against the deep blue background of the Aegean.
Mykonos owes its name to the son of the King of Delos.

During precedent days, Mykonos, owing to its proximity to Delos, that was then extremely inhabited, became vital as a provide island. The short 2-kilometer distance between the islands was ofttimes traveled, since spiritual rules specified that nobody ought to turn or die on Delos.
Around the time of Alexander the Great the island became an advertisement centre for agriculture and maritime trade.
In 1207, just like the remainder of the Cyclades, Mykonos came underneath Venetian rule that lasted till 1537, once the Turks dominated the islands together with the remainder of Greece. The inhabitants were nice sailors, in order that they provided necessary facilitate to the Greek Revolution against the Turkish yoke, in 1821, giving twenty two ships, crew and ammunition. once the country’s independence in 1830, the island’s economy and industrial power were slowly however steady reestablished.

Attracting individuals from A-listers and millionaires to backpackers and ravers, it’s still at the peak of its quality, and therefore the superb issue is that, despite its fast development and diverse, yet as forceful changes, it’s managed to preserve its color and character intact.

Mykonos is that the nice glamour island of the Cyclades and gayly flaunts its sizzling vogue and name. The peak-seaason mixture of sociable holidaymakers, cruise-ship crowds which might reach fifteen,000 a day, and vanity fashionistas throngs through Mykonos city, a conventional Cycladic maze, enjoying in its authentic cubist charms and its dear cafe-bar-shopping scene.

Mykonos city (Chora) may be a spectacularly picturesque Cycladic city with a maze of small streets and painted steps lanes, homes and churches, gathered around its harbour within the middle of a good bay. it’s one in every of the foremost cosmopolitan and jam-pawncked cities of the Aegean. though the streets area unit lined with very little retailers, boutiques, art galleries, cafes, trendy bars and restaurants, Mykonos city has not fully lost its identity. Despite the island’s rapid climb and development, it’s ancient Cycladic type of architecture and character has remained firmly intact, because of the island’s strict building rules. Expect to seek out retailers by Chanel, Burberry, Joseph Louis Barrow Vuitton and different renowned, high-end brands. it might seem that these retailers cater a lot of for the tourists that arrive on several of cruise ships that dock close.

ANO Mera may be a tiny village on the center of the island, and therefore the solely interior settlement on the total of Mykonos, concerning seven metric linear unit east of Mykonos city. ANO Mera relies around an oversized central sq., that is lined on 3 sides by a series of Greek tavernas. The cloister of Panagia Tourliani, based in 1542, is ANO Mera’s most vital highlight.

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